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Lip injections are a great way to bring back a youthful appearance. They are a simple little injection that allow the patient to re-image their entire physical appearance. It’s not just that voluminous lips look better in the mirror. This is one of their major appeals, but not the only one. The other important function that voluminous lips play is proportional. Skin doctors in Grosse Point that offer lip injections get new patients who want lip injections but are not quite sure what they can do for the lips.

The Importance of Lip Injections

As people age, skin inevitably becomes lax. Skin laxity means that cheeks will sag a little bit and facial features in general will have a more ‘solid’ appearance to them. ‘Solid’ in the sense that facial features have set in and will not change. While this can of course be changed with other forms of facial injectables, the reality is that lip injections will do the most to improve physical appearance. A pair of voluminous lips will round out the face and provide a solid foundation upon which the nose, eyes, forehead and hair can rest. Without this voluminous base the other facial features would not have as much importance.

What Does A Lip Injection do for the Face?

A lip injection will provide support in three main areas: shape, structure, and volume.

Shape: Lip shape is really you can try this out dependant on what kind of lips the patient has. Women may have any one of the major types of lip shape, so the type of injection is also a personal question. There are full lips, which are the envy of all women because of their volume. There are also thin lips, which are defined by a wide reach but small width of lip on both the upper and lower side. There are also wide lips, which are often relatively thin but spread farther across the face than others. No matter what lip type a patient has, a dermatologist will be able to offer the right kind of injection to add volume where it is needed.

Structure: Lip structure is closely related to lip shape. While lip shape is more about the visual side of the mouth, lip structure is more about the fundamentals of the mouth. If a patient has thin lips, for example, how much volume can be added given the structural foundations? These types of questions are asked by dermatologists all Extra resources the time.

Volume: Volume is the main concern for most patients. Usually patients know where they want volume but are unaware of the structural components of their mouth that might not make it possible to get what they want. Luckily this is not an issue in most cases. A vast majority of women are able to get the kind of lip injections they want, and often return a year later looking for exactly the same kind of injection.

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